Our Mission

Our purpose is to truly make a difference for vulnerable people by addressing the fundamental issues that prevent humanitarian aid from effectively aiding those in need today.

Boxtribute empowers local grassroot actors and everyday people at all levels to run large-scale cooperative relief operations. By using technology we close the gap between what is needed and what is provided.


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We want to especially:
  • Get critical help to people in crisis faster and more efficiently
  • Legitimize dignity in aid for the most vulnerable
  • Increase responsiveness and and resilience in the humanitarian sector

We work with our partners to improve the situation of vulnerable people in crisis situations. What’s more, we work to capacity build -- making sure that the solutions we put in place are effective, sustainable, and replicable.


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We accomplish this by:
  • Building collective capacity in the relief sector on the sourcing and delivery of aid goods
  • Making need-based aid more accessible through operational methods that respect recipients’ choice
  • Fostering open ecosystems that allows humanitarians at all levels to coordinate their aid response
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